Some things you should know about my work, this page, and me

  1. All work here is a snapshot in time. You may or may not be able to achieve the same/similar effects when you try these techniques years, months, days, or even hours after the writeup.

  2. All work here, my GitHub, or anywhere is proof-of-concept (PoC). It is not intended to be a final product of any kind and can therefore sometimes prove to be inconsistent. I do these writeups part-time, sorry.

  3. All work here is intended to demonstrate and document security issues, and not intended to violate anyone's terms of service, privacy, or rights of any sort. Please contact me on Twitter if you feel you have been aggrieved in some way.

  4. If I made an error, mistake, or you believe information availible here to be incorrect, please contact me on Twitter so corrective action can be taken. This is not a technical support offer.

  5. While I'm willing and open to answering questions about my work or discuss the offensive security field, I do not offer technical support of any kind. Please do not ask.

With thanks, Steve Twitter: @0xTriboulet

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